NEWS – new chapter!

We have news. No, not pregnant and nope, we’re not moving. Other news…

Back in 2007 the week Alex and I signed the contract to buy our place and move to Brooklyn, we went to dinner at a little restaurant near our house, The Garden Café. It was run by a husband / wife team for years and in Zagat had a 28 / 30 rating for food. It was a gem. And then it closed.

In 2009 during the worst economic downturn of our lives, a bright sunny place opened in that corner spot. It was founded by Alex Hall (more about him HERE) and was called Milk Bar. Milk Bar is an Australian café serving exceptional coffee, simple and delicious food in a modern environment. In 2014 he opened Brunswick, with a similar theme, just off Prospect Park in Windsor Terrace.

Here’s the news – we now own them. YES!  With a couple of other owners, including my ever wonderful business partner Darryl, several months ago we bought Milk Bar and Brunswick. Alex Hall built and ran them very successfully and he recently moved to Des Moines with his family to conquer the Midwest. He’s been an invaluable mentor to me – a real hero – teaching me the ins and out of how these cafes work. His dedication is what made both cafes work and we strive to carry that on.


We are overjoyed to have this opportunity. Milk Bar was one of the first places I took Avery for a breakfast out, just the two of us. On another occasion, I took her to her first drop off playdate and went to Milk Bar to enjoy coffee, breakfast and a book by myself. It’s a port in a storm, a neighborhood staple, a place to slow down your life for a few minutes. When we learned of Brunswick, it opened up a new part of Brooklyn for us, Windsor Terrace a wonderful family neighborhood a few minute drive away.

Both cafes are fixtures in their neighborhoods. They are places to unwind, meet friends, or enjoy time on your own for breakfast, lunch or a snack (and coffee, of course).  The café teams have also been hugely supportive and loyal (feeling really lucky over here, if you can’t tell.)

We are super psyched to invest in Brooklyn’s local offerings. If you’re in Brooklyn, we hope you’ll swing by and see us. For now, please like us on Facebook and find us on Instagram – links below!




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