About SaveGourmet

My name is Kylie Sachs (https://about.me/kylieadsachs) and I love menus and recipes. Recipes are like items of clothing – as items of clothing are put together to make outfits, Recipes are meant to be put together to make Menus. Isn’t that how we plan meals? A single recipe might be great, but standing alone it gets lonely.

Save Gourmet is a little site about menus. Expect one a week. Maybe more if I go crazy. Probably posted on Wednesdays or Thursdays.

Sometimes I might post a recipe link if there’s one I particularly like. Otherwise not. Just Google around and I bet you’ll find a version of a recipe that suits. Sometimes I’ve made the menu. Sometimes not. This is an archive of ideas for me.

On the pictures – don’t make fun of my illustrations! Only good vibes, people. I find using pens, pencils and crayons relaxing – talent aside. My handwriting, well, that is a work in progress.

I have another little site over here https://realtismoi.wordpress.com/ where I occasionally post about life etc.

Thanks for coming! Any questions/comments, email me at savegourmet@gmail.com.

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