Menu 7 – Labor Day Celebration

Are we really here…the end of summer? I say not quite yet. Let’s revel in the moment and celebrate the old fashioned way – with a Labor Day BBQ. In our house this tends to come about last minute with six packs and Hebrew Nationals. Nothing wrong with that, but with a little advanced planning you can get your cookout to the next level. This menu highlights what’s great about summer – watermelon, corn, clams for a taste of the sea, and tomatoes. Chimichirri is something we wish we made more often so here’s a chance. And a trifle…it’s so messy and gooey and delicious. After eating dessert you’re begging for one last dip in the pool.

9 3 2015


Tips and other notes:

Watermelon Margaritas

Clams here is a method – instead of herbs just use garlic, unless of course you want herbs.

Chimichurri every time we make this we say “why don’t we make this more often!”

and last but not least THIS TRIFLE so gooey, so delicious

Menu 5 – Late Afternoon Playdate Into Dinner

One of our favorite “life balance” hacks is the late afternoon weekend playdate.  Kids play, you hang with other parents.  Kids eat. Then we pile all of them into a bed with a movie while we eat in peace.  Parenting strategies #FTW!

This menu can be made ahead (sensing a theme here?) and served at room temperature. Just boil the pasta and give that a toss right before you are ready to eat. It also takes advantage of the best of summer (zucchini! sweet tomatoes!) and involves food on STICKS! What could be better? Start with Sangria. Who doesn’t like sangria? Side benefit – cut up fruit can be used for a kid snack.  For the tomato pasta, if you’ve not done this you are about to be excited. This is a no-cook sauce. I let it sit on my counter most of the day, covered with saran. I add the basil upon tossing with hot pasta. The recipe link below is a guide – I use less garlic than it calls for. You can gussy it up by adding torn mozzarella if you want. Nobody will complain. If the kids won’t eat salmon make a few with chicken or shrimp.  My kids would love the sticky gooey pavlova.  But if you have an outdoor fire to get going, it wouldn’t be the worst thing to consider s’mores.

Menu 5 - 8 19 2015

Tips and other notes:

Sangria Flora, No Cook Tomato Sauce, Salmon Skewers and finally, PLEASE click on this gorgeous PAVLOVA!