Menu 18 – Dinner for TWO before the holiday craziness begins

Before the family arrives…before the eggnog hangover…before your house is covered in turkey and tinsel, might I suggest reconnecting with your spouse over a nice dinner for two. It’s the only responsible thing to do. You owe it to yourself as a couple. After all, you might be in the same space through the holidays but face it, you’ll hardly talk other than the occasional “Please cut Uncle Joe off and take his keys.”

But the holiday list is long and daunting (and yet “Quiet Dinner for Two” never seems to make the list). So to make this happen, you’ve got to keep it simple. Simple, but delicious. We start with oysters. A pain in the ass for ten (all that shucking); a treat for just two. Then a really tasty cod dish which marries so well with chorizo. It’s hearty over beans, and in advance of 5,000 calorie a day eating, a relatively virtuous treat. To end, let’s head to Italy and enjoy a quick and delicious dessert….espresso over ice cream. It’s so good and so easy, and let’s face it, you need all the caffeine you can get. Pick a night between now and just after Thanksgiving. You and your partner deserve it.

Menu 18 - 11 19 2015


Tips and Notes

Awesome Easy Cod Recipe

Eyeopener Dessert

Menu Interlude…

Six years ago I was quoted in a New York Times article discussing the closing of Gourmet magazine, to which I had subscribed for 15 years. I believe that cooking with and for family/friends is an expression of love and creativity. A few weeks ago I launched Save Gourmet as a simple idea. Every week I create and share a menu. I include recipes I’ve culled from around the web and pull them together in a menu. Each week has a theme (“What to cook for your in-laws?” “Host a Back to School Open House for Friends!” “An Evening on the Deck for Two”). I include recipes and tips. This is a fun project for me about a subject near and dear to my heart. I have a lot of food ideas – here is the New York Times article that started this one.