Menu 41 – Spanish Night!

Last week got away from me – no menu. This happens. Dinner making becomes dinner ordering. Totally unsatisfying.

Let’s come back from a non-cooking week strong with a menu that takes you on a vacation – to Spain! And outside – to your grill! Yes this week we are grilling paella.

Break out the castanets.

My mother is coming to visit this weekend, and in general, she hates a fuss. I can respect that, so we are keeping things relatively easy and making three things only – including the cocktail! A beautiful sangria (click!) to start things off. She is always worrying that people will ruin their appetites with starters so we’re going right for the big game tonight – get grilling and cook a lot of paella. I’ve included a simple recipe below. The beauty of this is that cooking on the grill reduces your clean up needs in the kitchen…simple…win! And to finish, after you’ve had your fill of crab and squid, indulge in this lovely citrus almond cake. Might want to make a lot of the sangria – I bet it goes well with the cake.

Menu 41 - 5 18 2016

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